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A sporting journey is one of the best experiences for most to experience, however, your wonderful personal journey within the world of sport can come with its own obstacles. 

In my own swimming journey I came across some incredibly difficult times that I wish I'd have had a mentor figure who had also been through their own sporting journey, to talk to and help guide me through challenging times.

Having the empathy, knowledge and experience from those years, plus a focus to help any athletes I can with their own journey results in the idea of this programme to set objectives and strategies, guide, motivate and give emotional support to achieve their own performance potential.

The idea behind the Quigley sport mentoring programme comes from my passion for sport, transferring my 18+ years of being involved in the sporting world, from learning to swim all the way through to competing for Great Britain, in a positive way.








  • 3x40min sessions per month (video/phone call)

  • Personal athlete development/support

  • Goal setting/ review

  • Diary/ review

  • Pre and post race prep

  • Pre and post training prep

  • Q&A session

  • Education/life/sport balance

  • Private and confidential support

  • Athlete wellbeing focus





Daniel (Parent)

"Our daughter began her mentoring with Lauren in October 2021 and the sessions have quickly become a huge support in navigating the challenges of being a committed young athlete alongside the usual school pressures and wishes to spend time with friends.

The fact that Lauren takes a holistic approach - not just about swimming, but how to integrate life outside sport too - is really helpful for building overall life skills. Lauren has been able to quickly relate to our daughter and talk so comfortably and supportively whilst listening and understanding the challenges being faced.


Lauren massively invests in the mentoring sessions with lots of preparation even in-between sessions, keeping a keen interest in how meets have gone - watching races which were streamed and checking the meet results online - and what has been learned through the process. She’s been a great support in managing the pressures, highs and lows, of competitions and, as much as we, as parents, try to understand and relate to the experiences of competing, Lauren has been there and done it and can help to ease concerns and put things into perspective.

In these uncertain ‘Covid times’ with training, meets, school, ‘life’ all posing new and different challenges having Lauren in her corner has been super helpful for our daughter."

Michelle (Parent)

"I cannot thank or recommend Lauren Quigley enough.


My 12 year old son Freddy, has been a competitive swimmer from the age of 9 years old and enjoys every aspect of training and competition. However after lockdown Freddy struggled to cope with the pressure and started to feel overwhelmed at County and Regional events.

Its so difficult as a parent because there was nothing we could say that was right! We needed someone to speak to Freddy who really understood the pressures of competitive sport. Lauren spoke to Freddy on a one to one basis and talked through her own feelings and experiences as a successful competitive swimmer.

Lauren reassured Freddy and talked through how he could regain control and introduce coping strategises such as setting goals for each event and most importantly Lauren was able to normalise the feeling of being nervous and how this can be an advantage because it's just your body getting ready for the event!

Lauren's support has been invaluable and she's continued to checked in and sent messages of support which has really motivated him.


I cannot thank Lauren enough. Freddy was going to give up swimming but with Lauren's support its made a massive difference and he's back to pushing himself, overcoming his fears and enjoying his swimming again! For a 12 year old he's learnt life skills that will help him in swimming, school and throughout life!


Thank you!"

Debbie (Parent)

Lauren has been working with my 13-year old, swimming son for the past few months. Before his first session, he really wasn't sure about talking to a stranger and was worried about what to say.

Lauren put him at ease immediately and it wasn't long before I could hear laughing and chatting from the other room. He said to me later "I'm really glad I had that chat to Lauren, when's the next one?".

In Lauren, he has found someone who talks his "language" and who completely understands his struggles with keeping motivation, juggling training with school and friends, putting pressure on himself and the ups and downs of swimming life.

Lauren is excellent at getting him to talk and open up. The advice and guidance she gives is spot on and comes from her vast experience of elite sport. She is extremely encouraging and positive and he comes out of every session feeling good about himself and his journey.

I would highly recommend Lauren's mentoring programme. Thank you!

Katharine (Parent)

"I first became aware of Quigley Sport after listening to The Honest Athletes podcast and very much felt that Lauren would be someone who could relate to my daughter Eliza who is a competitive swimmer.


Eliza has been recovering from a back injury and also has all of the pressures that come with being in year 11. I was hoping that Lauren would be someone separate from club and family who Eliza could relate to.

So far, I have been really impressed with the support that Lauren has provided, Eliza returns from each session, with a smile on her face and happy to chat about her swimming goals. In a short space of time, I can already tell that Eliza's mindset is beginning to change.

My own dealings with Lauren have been really positive, she responds quickly to all communication and she is reassuring and considerate in her approach. I couldn't be happier with the support that Lauren is offering."

Sarah (Coach & Parent)

"Lauren has been working with a few swimmers in our club recently, including my own child and the sessions have been an incredible help and support to swimmers when they've needed it the most.


As a coach, it's hard to be able to give every swimmer the level of specific support that Lauren has been able to, and the difference is already evident.

The swimmers are much calmer, more collected and more focused on the right things rather than just being time and medal driven. She has been able to get them to really focus on process goals and achieving these first so that times can come later.


A really valuable asset to both the swimmers and to me as a coach.

Thanks Lauren!"

Megan (Athlete)

"The mentoring program has been a great help for me over the past 6 weeks.


It has helped me to focus on my goals and believe in myself as well as see my potential.


I have really enjoyed speaking to Lauren not only about swimming, but also about trying to find the balance between hanging out with friends, school and swimming."

Eliza (Athlete)

"I have been working with Lauren for just over a month now , I have really enjoyed the sessions and feel that it has made a huge difference in such a short space of time.

On the plus side, Lauren and I get on very well together.

Lauren is very supportive and encouraging to me!"

Huw (Parent)

"Our daughter, Martha, has been working with Lauren for the past four or five months. We wanted her to be part of Lauren’s mentoring programme so that she can share her hopes, dreams, challenges, frustrations and thoughts with someone who has been through it all herself.


Lauren has done an amazing job with her. She listens to her thoughts without any judgement and helps her focus on enjoying the sport she loves and to not worry about all the things that can be a distraction.


Lauren is caring and supportive, whilst giving clear guidance. Lauren has such a positive mindset and has done an incredible job of inputting that on Martha. Martha always comes away from sessions buzzing with a real sense of purpose.


As parents we also got an opportunity to speak with Lauren’s Mum, Yvonne. This was such a huge help to us and put a lot of our concerns to rest. Yvonne and Lauren were able to share their experiences so that we felt at ease with the decisions we have been making for Martha.


"I would highly recommend Lauren’s mentoring programme for any young person. She is an amazing ambassador for her sport and is so passionate about helping others. Thanks Lauren!"

Michelle (Parent)

“A swimmer has many companions on their journey.


Coaches, teammates, family and friends all have important roles to play but over the last month we’ve discovered what an incredible difference a mentor can make as Lauren has accompanied our daughter as she’s travelled through those weeks with her.


Even in such a short time, we’ve seen our daughter gain understanding, confidence and perspective as a direct result of the sessions with Lauren.


Her coach, who recommended Lauren, has also really noticed the difference in our daughters attitude following the sessions.


We couldn’t give a more wholehearted recommendation for Lauren, who has been approachable and professional throughout our contact with her and shows incredible skill and ability as a mentor.”

“Since starting mentoring with Lauren, my daughter has been able to successfully navigate through some difficult competitions. 

She has been taught many strategies to help cope with nerves and how to channel her thinking prior to racing. 

This has positively impacted on her racing as well as her training too. 

Her confidence, positivity and determination to succeed has grown after only a few months of mentoring – thank you Lauren!”

Karen (Parent)


'Our daughter began her mentoring with Lauren at the start of 2022 and the sessions have quickly become a huge support for Caitlin to balance being a young athlete alongside the usual school pressures and friends.


Lauren and Caitlin have a great relationship and chat away comfortably about swimming and her outside life whilst Lauren listens and understands the challenges being faced.


Lauren massively invests in the mentoring sessions, has checked the meet results online when Caitlin swam at Swansea and has been able to talk caitlin through what she learned through the process. Lauren has been there and done it and can help to ease concerns! 


Caitlin absolutely adores Lauren!'

Dominic (Parent)

'Lauren's mentoring of my 12-year-old daughter has, in a short period of time, enabled her to reflect on her development as a swimmer. This has already resulted in a greater level of confidence at meets and improved times.


Laurens reciprocal approach has enabled my daughter to think more deeply about training, preparation for meets and general health and wellbeing. This has enabled her to become more confidence in the runup to competitions.


There are several take aways from the mentoring sessions that have wider application. For example, in organising and sequencing school, social and other sporting commitments.


I find that Lauren is very open to discussing what would be the better approach for my daughter and take great care in tailoring the mentoring to her specific needs."

Stewart (Parent)

'My son has been working with Lauren for a few months now and we can't believe the difference the Quigley Sport mentoring programme has made to him. Not just in the pool, but in his life too.


The way he is able to stay calm at competitions, approach racing and nerves in such a positive way and analyse his races (no matter the outcome of the race) is remarkable. This has also been transferred into his approach with school, which has been priceless.


The support our son has received and continues to receive from Lauren over this time has meant that as parents, we can relax so much more knowing that he has the support from Lauren when needed.


We can't thank Lauren enough, to see our son so much more confident in himself and continuing to progress makes us so proud'

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