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Steph Meadows (Teacher)

“Dear Lauren.

It is my pleasure to give thanks to you for kindly coming into Longford Park School to talk about your life experiences and the journey you have been on to become a Representative for Great Britain and at the Commonwealth Games. Staff and pupils alike were thrilled to see your medals and hear about your backstroke and freestyle events.


You are a true inspiration of dedication, sacrifice and achieving your goals. Many of the pupils at Longford Park School have been through many adverse childhood experiences and often feel disengaged, have low self-esteem and suffer from poor mental health. Your warmth and kindness as well as professionalism for your sport transferred to the pupils and allowed them to see for a moment that dreams can come true!

It is so important that physical and mental health are talked about and promoted in schools. Touching upon the importance of sleep, nutrition, mood and self-awareness, there was a focus on whole health within your presentation. You were able to tell us about the fears that you have faced and overcome and made our children start to believe in their selves too. For a ‘real-life athlete’ who has achieved so much to give their time to come and speak to us was amazing – and we gained so much from it and cannot praise or thank you enough.


The core values of our school are ‘believe’, ‘belong’, ‘become’. We encourage all of the children to believe in themselves, belong in our community and become the best that you can be. You also express our core values and are welcome as part of our school always.

Thanks for your time, inspiration, and joy.

Best wishes always,”


Longford Park Special SEMH Primary School

Nathan Lowe (Sports Coach)

"I was lucky enough to be involved in one of Lauren’s group Q/A at a sports camp. Lauren was VERY inspiring for all the children, but not just the Children, myself included. That was just in 30 minutes.

A few of the children came up to me in school a couple of weeks after the camp, and told me they have started swimming, and want to break records just like Lauren.

Very Inspiring!"

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