Since we retired from competitive swimming in 2019, we have created a partnership including an on line business platform for all swimmers which incorporates Athlete Mentoring, Strength/Conditioning, Sports Psychology and Nutritional Advice under the name of “SwimWithJazz” and “Quigley sport”.  In addition to this, we are also available for Motivational Speaking/sharing our Swimming journey, Award Presentations and Charity Fundraising events.

Prior to the lockdown of pools, due to the pandemic, we were starting to develop relationships with Schools/Businesses. When working with schools previously it has been beneficial for not only swimmers, but all other athletes/students to hear about our Swimming Journey.  Our 'Motivational Talk' deals with how we managed the sport / school demands and the difficulties you have to overcome at that age, incorporating work with supporting healthy young minds.  We also speak about dealing with disappointments, which can cover exam results, sports results, resilience and development through different age levels. 

There is a lot of
crossover between Sport/Education expectations.

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